Acumulator stationar 12V 80Ah LFP1280 AGM VRLA 

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Acumulator stationar 12V 80Ah LFP1280 AGM VRLA. Sigilate, fara intretinere. Pentru telecomunicatii, UPS, sisteme electronice de urmarire si control.
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Acumulator stationar 12V 80Ah LFP1280 AGM VRLA.
Tehnologie AGM/VRLA. Sigilat, nu necesita intretinere. Durata de viata proiectata in regim tampon (FLOAT): 12 ani.
Capacitate de ciclare 600 de cicluri la DOD 50%.
Bateriile din gama LFP sunt livrate incarcate gata de utilizare.
Telecomunicatii, sisteme de back-up energetic, statii de comanda si control cai ferate, statii de distributie electricitate, UPS-uri.

First Power
  • Electronic equipment
  • Backup systems
  • Telecomunications
  • UPS
  • Emergency lighting
  • Stationary
  • Cable TV
  • Signaling and control systems
  • Caravans
  • Electricity distribution system
  • Big caravans
  • Surveillance application systems
1 years
Nominal voltage:
12 V
80 Ah
350 x 167 x 179 x 186 mm
Rectifier / chargers:
  • CTEK MXS 7.0
  • CTEK MXS 10.0
  • CTEK MXS 25
  • CTEK PRO60
  • CTEK MXTS 40
  • CTEK MXTS 70/50
C10 Capacity:
80 Ah
  • Sealed
  • AGM / VRLA
  • Flat plates
  • Maintenance free
Number of cycles dod 50%:

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