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Nominal voltage
12 V(3)
150 Ah(1)
180 Ah(1)
225 Ah(1)
Starting current
1000 A(1)
1200 A(1)
1300 A(1)

Magic Truck SMF  

Categorie Caranda

Modern technology and the special Lead alloy used classify CARANDA Magic Truck® accumulators in the “completely maintenance free” class. The water consumption is extremely low, the self-discharge is reduced and the corrosion resistance of the battery components is very high. These accumulators use double separators with fiberglass mat. The plates are reinforced by the use of special resin, which substantially increases the vibration resistance. The risk of explosion is minimized due to a lid equipped with a flame arrester of the “flame arrestor” type. These batteries are suitable for use on heavy vehicles with multiple on-board equipment and that require a longer service life.

Displays: Displays as: PRICE:
Produs CarandaTruck battery 150 Ah – CARANDA MAGIC TRUCK
CODE: 6424173015458
Baterie auto 12V 150Ah, 1000A
693.00 RON
VAT included
Produs CarandaTruck battery 180 Ah – CARANDA MAGIC TRUCK SMF
CODE: 6424173015465
Baterie auto 12V 180Ah, 1200A
819.00 RON
VAT included
Produs CarandaTruck battery 225 Ah – CARANDA MAGIC TRUCK SMF
CODE: 6424173015472
Baterie auto 12V 225Ah, 1300A
1 041.00 RON
VAT included

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