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Nominal voltage
12 V(4)
55 Ah(1)
65 Ah(1)
80 Ah(1)
100 Ah(1)
Starting current
510 A(1)
610 A(1)
730 A(1)
870 A(1)

Caranda Maxima  

Categorie Caranda

CARANDA BATERII ® produces in Romania, sealed, maintenace free lead-acid car batteries. The range CARANDA Maxima ® is manufactured with advanced expanded metal technology, with lead calcium alloy grids for both positive and negative grids. The batteries are equipped with “purse” type separators, mounted in a polypropylene co polymer case. In addition, CARANDA Maxima ® batteries are equipped with “magic eye” and a security system that ensures the centralised gas discharge resulting from chemical reactions. This prevents the electrolyte loss and gas explosion. Clearance and functional characteristics: according to SR-EN 50342 + A1 / 2001 / A3: 2005, EN 50342-1 SR: 2006 SR EN 50342-2: 2008 . Technical sheet of range CARANDA MAXIMA

Displays: Displays as: PRICE:
Produs CarandaCARANDA MAXIMA 55 Ah
CODE: 6424173000126
Automotiva battery 12V 55Ah, 510A
258.00 RON
VAT included
Produs CarandaCARANDA MAXIMA 65 Ah
CODE: 6424173000133
Automotive battery 12V 65Ah, 600A
295.00 RON
VAT included
Produs CarandaCARANDA MAXIMA 80 Ah
CODE: 6424173000140
Automotive battery 12V 80Ah, 720A
382.00 RON
VAT included
Produs CarandaCARANDA MAXIMA 100 Ah
CODE: 6424173000157
Automotive battery 12V 100Ah, 850A
448.00 RON
VAT included

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