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Nominal voltage
12 V(4)
55 Ah(1)
65 Ah(1)
75 Ah(1)
100 Ah(1)
Starting current
510 A(1)
600 A(1)
680 A(1)
850 A(1)

CARANDA Fortza  

Categorie Caranda

CARANDA Forza® batteries are produced in an advanced technology, are sealed and equipped with safety system. Double lid system that insures the complete seal of the battery, is designed according the demands of “Automotive Specification” against the electrolyte leakage (for a short period of time the battery can be turned upside down). Is produced in the most modern technology using Pb/Ca alloys. The anti-flame protection insures increased security and allows the gas discharge without ignition danger. Absolute maintenance free. On its life span it doesn’t require any water addition. Its revolutionary technology insures high performance of capacity and cold cranking.

Clearance characteristics according to SR EN 60095-2+A11:2000.

Functional characteristics according to SR-EN50342-1-2006, EN50342-2-2008

Displays: Displays as: PRICE:
Produs CarandaCARANDA FORTZA 55 Ah
CODE: 6424173000287
Automotive battery 12V 55Ah, 510A
278.00 RON
VAT included
Produs CarandaCARANDA FORTZA 65 Ah
CODE: 6424173000294
Automotive battery 12V 65Ah, 600A
314.00 RON
VAT included
Produs CarandaCARANDA FORTZA 75 Ah
CODE: 6424173000300
Automotive battery 12V 75Ah, 680A
377.00 RON
VAT included
Produs CarandaCARANDA FORTZA 100 Ah
CODE: 6424173000317
Automotive battery 12V 100Ah, 850A
466.00 RON
VAT included

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