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Categorie Caranda

Moto battery JP AGM with electrolyte delivered separately

Can be delivered on demand already activated, ready to use.

Technical characteristics

  • No maintenance required. After activation the battery will be sealed (maintenance free)
  • Very reduced self discharge
  • Provided with VRLA anti explosion safety valves
  • High vibration resistance
  • High start up current

Displays: Displays as: PRICE:
Produs CarandaBaterie Moto 12V 3Ah, JP AGM K-YTX4L-BS
CODE: 6424173019852
Baterie Moto 12V 3Ah 50A fara intretinere JP AGM K-YTX4L-BS. Sigilata AGM/VRLA. Cod YUASA echivalent YTZ5S.
64.00 RON
VAT included

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